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Carolina Melo

Fashion Designer and Researcher

Carolina Melo, Master of Design, graduated from the Federal University of Pernambuco (UFPE) in the subject of Design, Art, and Culture study. She  received her diploma in fashion design from Faculdade Senac de Pernambuco in 2018, and her bachelor's degree in design from UFPE in 2016.

Melo is a professional designer who is interested in innovative processes and techniques, specifically reusing resources as raw materials, particularly electronic and textile waste. She is also interested in textile manipulation, pattern making, cutting, and sewing, as well as other crafts such latex casting.

Carolina focuses her study as an interdisciplinary approach between the principles of design, fashion, art, and culture. Her most recent works are studies and inquiries into the aesthetics of ugliness, focusing into the aesthetic value assigned to objects and the meaning behind whether something is beautiful or not. During her master's degree, she studied the aesthetics of the ugly, as well as its social, artistic, and political dimensions.

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